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The socio - economic effectiveness from ODA projects
Through the implementation and completion of ODA projects in the province for over the past 10 years, Hai Duong has taken advantage of exploiting, effectively using and making the official development assistance resources of sponsors and international organizations to become important material foundations, creating premise to speed up the provincial socio-economic development.

Together with many other ODA projects managed by Central Organs that using financial aid resources from The World Bank (WB), Asia Development Bank (ADB), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) etc, from the year 1996 to present, Hai Duong province has directly managed, implemented and disbursed many ODA programs and projects with total value of about 47 million USD. The main investment were in the fields of constructing infrastructure, rural transportation roads, electric supply system, clean water supply and rural sanitation, waste drainage and treatment system ect. In general, all ODA projects were implemented and completed bring about a lot of positive results, contributed to improve the provincial socio-economic infrastructure system, directly served the benefits and improved the quality of life for residents.

Typically were the practical effects from three ODA projects managed by Hai Duong People’s Committee which have been being implemented in the local since 2005 to present, such as Project on Improving waste drainage and treatment, Project on Constructing water supply system and Project on Constructing factory for processing waste into compost fertilizer, Hai Duong city.

Project on Constructing water supply system, Hai Duong city using ORET capital was sponsored by Holland Government with total investment capital of 22.768.620 USD (equivalent to 367,44 billion VND), of which ODA capital was 11.449.126 USD (equivalent to 184,766 billion VND) and the provincial corresponding capital was 182,68 billion VND. The project were implemented in 2007, so far the whole package was completed and is in the process of drawing the balance – sheet and hand over the work. It focused on restructuring the water supply network such as: Constructing treatment plant, water pipe, collected works and water pumping station; Improving and replacing general meter; Installing some new technology equipment such as intelligent pressure governor valve; Constructing operating supervision system so as to automate operating water treatment to all works in the local etc. The project was completed contribute to modernizing the city water supply system, improving the quality of water and satisfying the demand of using clean water in urban and rural areas.

Project on Improving water drainage and treatment system, Hai Duong city sponsored by Germany with total investment capital of 8,5 million EUR (equivalent to 197,71 billion VND), of which ODA capital was of 6 million EUR (equivalent to 139,56 billion VND) and the provincial corresponding capital was 2,5 million EUR (equivalent to 58,15 billion VND). The project has been being implemented since 2005, so far some last works are being completed. It focused on constructing, replacing old water drainage system in some main streets, constructing waste treatment station, dredging and constructing stone jetty in some lakes in the city area etc. Some works were completed and put into use created many positive changes, contributed to reduce flood in some streets and residential areas during rainy season and reduced environment pollution.

Although faced with a lot of difficulties in seeking construction site, compensation for ground clearance and prepared all resources to satisfy sponsor’s requirements in the first stage, however Hai Duong province still tried to make project on Constructing plant for processing waste into compost fertilizer, Hai Duong city to come into operation. The project was sponsored by Spain Government and approved by the Prime Minister in 2003, however up to the year 2007, the project has yet to begin construction. The total investment capital of the project was 5,5 million USD (equivalent to 81,348 billion VND), of which ODA capital was 4 million USD (equivalent to 59, 761 billion VND) and the provincial corresponding capital was 1,5 million USD (equivalent to 21,586 billion VND). So far, all works were completed, officially hand - over and put into operation not only brought about high economic value but also contributed to solve waste problem that caused a lot of matters in urban and rural areas in the local.

Gaining such achievements were due to the decisively instructions of the provincial leaders, the closely cooperation of local authorities and the efforts of implementing units. ODA projects were completed and brought into play positive effects not only contributed to improve the life quality of people, quickly speed up the process of the provincial socio - economic development but also contributed to enhance and reinforce solidarity spirit, friendship and effective cooperation between Hai Duong province with Central Organs and sponsors.

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