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An active role of FDI in the development of industry in Hai Duong province

Industrial sector of Hai Duong province as well as many other sectors has been being impacted by the global financial crisis at present lead to the reduction of the State budget collection. However, compare to the whole nation, industrial sector of Hai Duong province still remain rather fair growth rate, the competitive ability of product continue to be improved; technology and equipment gradually to be modernized. Industrial sector has contributed to create jobs, increase labour’s income and plays an important role on the provincial’s socio - economic. Gaining such an achievement is due to an active contribution of foreign investment capital (FDI).

In the total of 247 FDI projects in the local at present, there are about 218 projects in industrial sector (accounted for 88,2% of total projects) with total registered capital of about 5.231,3 million USD. FDI has remarkably contributed to the industrial’s value and increased industrial growth rate of the province. With the advantage of advance machine, equipment and technology, togerther with clear policy and mechanism of the province, FDI in industrial sector has developed rather quickly and stability. Industrial structure also gradually being moved toward industrialization, quickly increase some sectors which can bring into play their advantageous and entitle production with domestic and oversea market such as manufacturing, electric and water distribution. The industrial production value of FDI sector in the total of the whole province industrial value has increased year by year, from 37,9% in 2005 to 40,5% in 2007, 42,8% in 2010 and 44,4% in 2011.

Besides exploiting domestic market, FDI in industrial sector has also contributed to increase trade turnover, speeded up export, especially some sectors such as: leather shoes, garment; manufacturing and assembling electronics components; assembling automobile, producing cement etc. The export value of FDI increased quickly from 73,8 million USD in 2005 to 557,1 million USD in 2008, 1091,4 million USD in 2010 and 1419,7 million USD in 2011.

It can be seen that, FDI in industrial sector developed quickly has created a competitive environment, contributed to speed up the process of re-structure, re-new and re-arrange State’s enterprises. In order to satisfy the demand of development, domestic enterprises have also changed their technology, gradually take command of technology and become reliable providers for multi-national companies. In addition, FDI in industrial sector also contributed to train skilful staffs and workers for the province, be exposed to advance technology, modern management skills, and increase the business productivity.

With the view of quickly promoting economic growth and attract more foreign investment for industrial sector, the province also proposed some objectives, development’s orientation and specific policies, such as:

- Paying attention to build, develop and complete concentrated industrial and cluster zones to create favorable environment and condition for business enterprises.

- Giving priorities and developing some key industrial sectors such as: new material, assembling industry, mechanic, machine manufacturing, marine industry, electronics etc which have breakthrough ability and competitively in domestic and oversea market. Paying attention to develop some industries using high technology and have large knowledge-intensive, manufacturing input product which increase value added and competitive ability for the whole sector.

- Continuing implement some policies to encourage investment, export and develop industry in rural areas and handicraft village etc, striving to make industry become a major production sector, contribute much into the provincial GDP and by the year 2020, Hai Duong will become an industrial province.

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