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Kiep Bac temple

Location now in Hung Dao Commune, Chi Linh town, Hai Duong Province- the temple worshipping Tran Hung Dao and his family, has been the destination for “ August Father’s commemoration” of the over – all – nation pilgrims for centuries. Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, the great politician, military Grand Commander, the man of culture who had a great contribution to the country liberation in XIII century, was born in 1228. He passed away on 20th of August, Yang Metal ( year of the Rat).

Kiep Bac temple is situated in a rich valley in throne –arm Rong mountain range, the land which is in fact the junction of Van Yen ( Kiep Village) and Duoc Son ( Bac Village). The temple door faces the Thuong River, the 3 rest directions are surrounded by mountains. At the back, there is the Tran Rong ( Dragon forehead) mountain, On the left, there is Duoc Son ( Mountains of pharmacy) mountain in which situates Nam Tao temple and Duoc Linh Co vien ( one of the 8 Chi Linh relics), On the right, there is Bac Dau mountain and the Bac Dau temple with magnificent landscape. In the surroundings, there are so many historical spots such as Tu Cu, Bai Kiem, vuon thuoc Duoc Son all the places are the memorials to the Tran dynasty’s victory in which time The great Hung Dao Vuong was the soul the Vietnam has been remembering for over 700 hundred years.

Every year, the Kiep Bac Temple Festival is the biggest Autumn anniversary in Viet Nam which takes place with many ceremonies such as: land procession, aquatic procession, official seal bestowal, wrestling, rowing, saint feast preparation, military meeting on Thuong river and many other folk games; Those are to show the honor of the whole country to the Tran’saint.

To visit to Kiep Bac temple is not just to satisfy tourist’s spiritual demand but can also provide them with the natural beauty, fresh ecological environmental, traditionally local dishes and the ancient architecture./.

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