Historical relics
Con Son vestige

Con Son vestige is now located in Cong Hoa ward, Chi Linh town, Hai Duong province.

The most outstanding pagoda is Con Son pagoda, its real name is Thien Tu Phuc and in demotic language is Hun. Since Tran dynasty, Con Son pagoda has been known and one of three centers of Truc Lam Buddhism sect. The pagoda war recognized as the national vestige in 1962. It still can reserve all the 14th – 19th architectural stamps and many steles including the “ Thanh Hu Dong” from Tran dynasty, the “ Con Son Thien Tu Phuc tu bi” in Post – Ke dynasty…Con Son also the place where Ho Chi Minh paid a visit on 15th of Feb 1965 to study the steles

From 1995 up to now, Con Son was invested to restore and build up many other buildings including the top ranking manderin Tran Nguyen Dan’ temple, the temple to honor the national hero, the international man of culture Nguyen Trai

Con Son festival is celebrated on the date of 3rd monk of meditation; Huyen Quang’ death ( Tran dynasty) he lived until his death here. The festival lasts from 15th to 23rd Jan including the Buddhist ceremony, the thurible ceremony to the 3rd monk of mediation: Huyen Quang, the top ranking general Tran Nguyen Han, the national hero – Nguyen Trai, music shows, traditional sports, folk games as: “quan ho” singing, traditional operetta, wrestling, human chess, swinging….

Together with Kiep Bac temple vestige, Con Son beauty spot is attractive to every traveler over the whole nation./.

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