Hai Duong cuisines
Hai Duong specialties satisfies nostalgic cravings
It is safe to say that all of them, without exception, miss the food they used to have at home, and are prone to request some to be sent from here, once in every while.
Ninh Giang Gai cake
Very popular in many areas but in Ninh Giang, this cake has become the specialties of traditional food.
Green been cake
Among the special local food, Dau Xanh ( the green been cakes) is very famous and the popular gift. Hai Duong people always are proud of this small cake
Thanh Ha litchi
Thanh Ha Thieu litchi fruit originate from Fujian ( China) and then propagated to some other places in the country. Perhaps, it’s the secret in traditional cultivation of Thanh Ha people makes the unique flavor.
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